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The Balance Set By Allah

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“He has set up the Balance” – Surah Rahman, Ayah 7

Did anyone of you ever see the movie “Lion of the Desert”? In the beginning of that movie, Omar Mukhtar is shown as a teacher during the daytime and he is teaching all the children Surah Rahman. He stops at the Ayah shown above and reflects on it for a moment. Later on in the movie, while at war, he stops to rest in his ravaged hometown. He passes by his old school and picks up the tablets that the students were last writing (which was the beginning of Surah Rahman) and repeats the Ayah on Balance once more. It was clearly showing in the movie (judging from different clips in the movie) that he believed that the oppression that the Libyans were facing were one side of the balance and that he was the other side – providing the resistance against the Italians in order to keep the balance..

Well, that story could serve as one of the types of balance that has been set by Allah. I wanted to however, talk about another type of balance that I was thinking about recently because there were so many deaths that I felt affected by . News of deaths kept on pouring in for the past week and it felt rather disheartening to here of so many Muslims passing away. If anyone of you has ever read Star Wars: The Return of the Jedi (I’m the #1 Star Wars fan), Luke is feeling the same thing and said in a sad tone, “Is this was life is about: Just watching beloved people passing away in front of your eyes?” Normally, when I hear of someone’s death, I feel the same way; that one day, I will see or hear of my parents death (if Allah wills for me to live that long) as well as the deaths of others.

To explain this further, let’s take the topic of fear and hope. Imagine two different people. One person is filled with hope that he will go to Jannah no matter what, which makes him less devoted to his worship and more carefree. Another person is filled with fear that he would be in Hell no matter how much worship he does and become depressed with his life and is always in a state of misery. What type of person are you? One filled with only hope, or one filled with only fear? I doubt that any of us are in only one of the two categories. We should all be fearful of what is awaiting us after the Day of Judgement, but we should also be hopeful that we will be the ones that are going to Jannah. If we don’t keep a balance, then we will obviously become unbalanced and to an extreme. In Surah Baqara, Allah (saw) says, “And thus have We willed you to be a community of the middle way” (Ayah 143). He didn’t say that He has willed us to be of a community to an extreme, but rather a community of the middle way. May Allah (swt) keep us on the straight and middle path and may our actions and lives be balanced in the best manner possible. Ameen.


Arif Kabir is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of MYM. He loves to read, design, learn martial arts, and spend time with his wife and family. He has a Bachelor's in Operations Management & Information Systems, has memorized the Qur'an, and is now working as a Managing Consultant and is studying for a Master's in Human Computer Interaction. He writes for MYM to contribute to the growing collections of Islamic English literature and to inspire fellow Muslim youth.