Letters from the Labyrinth

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The labyrinth of my mind is full
Of endless winding hallways and locked doors
Rooms crowded with poetry and stories
Clamoring for a release they will never be granted

Trials and heartbreaks carve out their place in poems
And slivers of happiness stare from glaring screens
Regret and longing hide between stanzas
While melancholy takes root in empty space

Keyboard keys tapping out lines upon lines
Bleeding emotions onto blank pages
Erased and hidden away just as fervently
By whispered fears and the comfort of anonymity

The fear of being known, the fear of being seen
Fear of vulnerability, fear of the world
Fear of fear tightly locks up every thought, every rhyme
Every story that might be told goes unheard

But words and worlds dog my footsteps
Hiding in shadows and behind corners
Bubbling up and nearly spilling out
In their urgency to be known, their urgency to be seen

Do not peek into my life, it is not for you to know
Do not peek into my mind, it is not a welcome place
But art is the expression of the soul and it refused to be contained

Residing in Texas, Sanaa Ali holds a lifelong passion for writing and reading. She received her BS in Psychology from the University of Texas at Dallas with a minor in Literature, and is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Counseling Psychology from Texas Woman's University. On her days off, you can find her cuddling with her three cats or meticulously obsessing over a painting. Sanaa hopes to bring awareness to mental health issues within the Muslim community and is an advocate for dismantling stigmas surrounding such issues.

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