The Trilogy

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The opening of your peculiar story,
Page one, heartbeat.
A divinely written book, with the ink of prophecy
Detail of every provision published by The King’s Decree,
Imprinted onto the pages of your autobiography.

A lifetime of supplications compiled into your trilogy,
One piece of string to make the covers meet.
An unmatched fable, strung into poetry,
With belief in the faith of the elite.

The climax succumbed to purgatory,
To rise or to fall, consume your margins bittersweet.
A unique account torn to doom or glory,
As your deeds kindle the words onto every single sheet.

Your character, your speech, brand the spine complete,
Plot twists in fate change your line of destiny.
Spilling with parables of victory and defeat,
A beguiling original, filled with happiness and grief.

In an abode much like a library,
Some novels bestsellers, some discreet.
But each with its own identity,
Is what makes the collection complete.

Sometimes a hero, sometimes your own enemy,
A victorious cover leaving pages that bleed.
An impression so extraordinary,
Every chapter, worth the read.

Recorded in the heavens, and where you must retreat,
A timely tale set in a world so temporary.
For better or for worse, for heaven you compete,
To be continued, in the book of eternity.

For the love of books, you are one too. A compilation of unique, vibrant, profound and complex stories. When I see a person, I see a book, a story so perfectly crafted it cannot be compared to another. Every individual, a divinely written book. Spilling with stories of experience, love, grief, and happiness. Every individual is striving on their own journey, page by page; we are literally exactly where we are supposed to be. Maktub. It is written.

Aysha Samjoo is an active member of her community in Dallas, TX. She is currently teaching at a private collegiate academy. Aysha graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas with a double major in psychology and child learning & development. She loves people and connecting with others. Although Aysha loves to write in all different styles of literature, her most favorite form of writing is poetry. She writes passionately, expressing her love for Islam in hopes of touching other’s hearts to help herself and others realize the blessings and beauty of the deen. Aysha feels that writing is her way of letting out her inner most thoughts and feelings through symbolism and deep meaning. Aysha certainly loves to let the reader travel in her shoes, to see life through her perception. She dwells in many other activities as well that allow her to use her imagination and compassion for art and humankind, like DIY projects, drawing, painting, volunteering and baking; pretty much anything that involves challenge, teamwork and most importantly creativity. Aysha came to know of MYM through a friend who encouraged her to express her creativity so that all can hear. She quickly took the opportunity into consideration to fulfill her desire to connect with others through her writing.


  1. I really liked your symbolism and eloquent descriptiveness. It really reminds me of my own poetry since the wording is complex and in order to find the underlying message, you have to decipher it with your mind. I write in a very complex manner but I still wasn’t able to decipher the meaning of your poem in some stanzas.

    I always liked to view people as books as well: they have covers you can judge from but only from sifting through the pages will you understand the individual…yours kind of turned into a library!

    Alhamdullilah for this piece!

    • Aysha Samjoo Reply

      Thank you Zaheen, you got it just right. I wanted the reader to imagine their own life and experiences while going through this poem :)

  2. Aisha Waqar Reply

    This is one of the most amazing pieces of poetry I have ever read. Each and every person has a different story and its true that we all compete for heaven. Wonderful verses!

    • Aysha Samjoo Reply

      Thank you so much, Aisha, for taking the time to read and feel it <3

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