There Were Four

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Written by Arif Kabir, Fatimah Waseem, Muhtasham Sifaat, and Sabera Akhter.

At the break of dawn must four song sparrows learn to fly,
So at the highest tree of their marsh, a plan they devise,
That three would stay low to catch the one that climbs high.
By the roots they stay, while on a branch, she wonders why
The tiniest of the four shall be the first to greet the sky.
She chirps a song of faith, seeking courage through her cry:

“Let me glide, oh Lord of the winds, and course through painted lands.
Among the morning dew drops, flying for Your sake, let us stand–
Soarers of the sky, losing ground but never to be ungrounded.”
The three chirp on as she takes to the sky to fly, unbounded.
Sputtered and twisted go their hearts with her wings,
But at last they too arise, soaring higher and higher in rings.

And if ever one falters, the rest turn back to help it along
Until in unison is the flapping of their wings, the notes of their song.
The wind adds to their symphony as they soar, swooshing strong.
And the leaves sway in cheers for their strengthening ascent.
Like the chorus of an orchestra that plays for this movement,
The marsh conspires along the sparrows as they weave the wind.

Eastern bluebirds, cardinals, and orioles pass their way,
But for the four, their swift leap fanned wings of unity and faith,
And so, as the world’s hues blend into one, a fleeting realization does come:
Only with each other did each learn to fly and sing the notes unsung.
The skies now become their perch, the world simply a ground of play,
Their trust for each other blossomed as the sun rose with the light of day.


When involved with any community-related activities, it’s imperative to trust those you work closely with. This means trusting their judgment, knowing they’ll be there when you need support and that they’ll correct you when you’re wrong. Of course, this requires the commitment on the part of the others. That rapport is built between the four birds as they all learn how to fly and work together. It is especially shown through the ultimate form of trust, as the tiniest bird prays to Allah before taking the leap of faith.

Her bravery emboldens the other three to soar as well and carry out the task of “singing the notes unsung,” or providing something for the community that it is lacking. As they fly, they find the help of Allah surrounding them, with the wind and their surroundings aiding them and cheering them on.

"Unity is strength... when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved." - Mattie Stepanek. We couldn't agree more.


  1. Fatimah Waseem Reply

    ‘Twas cool to write this together – even writing it was an expression of trust :)

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