They Were Blessed

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she sets her things down,
takes out her books,
and checks her phone.
a simple good morning message,
peace and well wishes.

her mom laughs,
almost childlike in joy,
he’s completely charming.
Deep in conversation,
he’s her favorite child.

he takes her hand,
the smell of breakfast warm,
flowers in a vase,
he’s only been thinking,
of her.

intelligent discussions,
thoughts and ideas flying.
late nights of work and study,
his eyelids droop with tiredness,
supporting without being asked.

she turns the key, shivering,
kicking off soggy shoes,
an eager voice as she enters,
a smiling face, excited to see her,
she can’t help smiling too.

again and again,
life keeps reminding her,
she is blessed.

rubbing the sleep from her eyes,
turning on the coffee machine,
the sun isn’t awake yet,
but she is support itself,
giving without being asked.

moved from state to state,
from apartments to houses,
with her by his side,
any place can become
his home.

He returns to continue his work,
full from lunch, foggy with sleep.
but his desk is no longer cluttered,
tidy and clear, and his mind clears with it,
how did she know?

she comes home and smiles,
talking animatedly,
he can only half listen,
but it still brightens,
his day.

he sighs and stretches,
and suddenly she’s there,
rubbing his shoulders,
and he takes a breath,

again and again,
life keeps reminding him,
he is blessed.

They walk side by side,
sharing a cone,
telling stories,
debating and discussing,
enjoying the day.

He grins, mischievous.
she grins back knowingly,
they’re ready for anything,
every move, every strategy.
The perfect team.

They had been told of the wonders,
of excitements and first times,
of anticipation and electricity,
but they’ve never known wonder
like this.

In bright conversation,
in laughter and silliness,
in nothing weekends
that, peculiarly, actually feel
like everything.

They raised their eyebrows,
and glanced towards each other,
the thoughts obvious,
a full conversation,
without any words.

They smiled.

And once again,
as life kept reminding them,
they were blessed.

Editor’s Note: Happy anniversary to Sumaiyah Khan and Rizwan Ali! ❤️
May Allah bless your marriage and union, ameen.

Sumaiyah joined MYM to exercise her writing skills and broaden her horizons, and is currently the Editor-in-Chief. She has a Bachelor's degree in Education and finds joy in anything related to teaching and mentorship. She enjoys working with her fellow writers to help their pieces reach their full potential. In her free time, you can find her spending time with her husband and wild two-year old daughter, Noha.

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