Timeless Gems

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It is often that we may feel far away
Stranded on the islands of confusion
Feeling as though no one understands
The struggles we battle every day
Longing for someone to listen
To give us advice on how to persist

Yet, there exists the perfect key
Whenever we are in doubt
It guides us to the path
Whenever we feel isolated
It becomes our closest friend
Whenever we are grieving
It wipes down our tears, embracing us

The words of Allah never miss
No matter how deep or far we have gone
If only we sit back and reflect
On the words combined
And the meanings they unlock
It gives us a drive to keep running
And a purpose to follow along

It is our manual by which we follow
And the light by which we glow
No matter the era we exist in
It never alters nor deviates
It carries timeless gems
That grant us hope
For this life and the next

It draws us closer to clarity
Granting us comfort in our uncertainty
As it listens to every tear drop
Holding our hands tightly
Whispering that hope will take over
Now is the time to unlock its treasure
To dive deep into its endless oceans
For its wisdom is always there
To accompany us along our path

Noura Mouradi is pursuing a degree in Healthcare Studies with a minor in Psychology and currently living in Dallas, Texas. She is often found lost in her own world reading, overthinking, or trying to finish that painting she’s been putting off. Noura loves to spend time obsessing over squirrels and nature. Her passion for writing pushed her to join MYM in order to inspire other youth and spread the love of Islam while meeting Muslim writers from across the globe.

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