Under One Umbrella

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Walking upon the path of dissension,
we leap into the well of destruction,
not knowing how our desires have devoured us
leaving no place for love or affection

Everyone walks their own path they say
so you go yours and let me go my way
but they don’t see the bend ahead
and forget that they may stop breathing today

We all know the end is near
yet inside we suppress the fear
of retribution while others rejoice
killing our hearts, we hold back the tears

Each new day passes us by
while we to ourselves constantly lie
about how we will still be living
for a good long time before death finally arrives

How long have we spent in preparation
and how long have we spent in reparation
let’s hasten to repentance
taking the opportunity from our Lord in consideration

I know of my own faults too,
I’m not just running after you
you say I’m like a cat chasing her tail
but I’ve no choice, there’s so much to do

You can help me and let me help you
together I know we can pull through
so let’s leave all the ego and jealousy behind
because it’s not too late but it’s not too soon

Hurry up and let’s get started
let us unite ourselves and not be divided
we want to make it before the day is over
being a prosperous Ummah, not blighted

So on that Day we can rejoice
that to work together we made the choice
acting upon our Prophet’s way of life,
his teachings and advice

We want to acquire Allah’s pleasure
and gain rewards without measure
but why be alone
when we can do it together?

Differences must be ended now
and send those clouds full of acid rain away that corrupt us and make us go astray
seems hard ’cause no one can agree whether the rain will bring war or peace
but let’s forget the type of rain and stand under one umbrella anyway ….
not tomorrow, not some other day but…Today

Shahin studies English at George Mason University in Fairfax, VA and Islamic Studies with AlMaghrib Institute and Prophetic Guidance. She enjoys reading, writing, blogging, and learning Arabic. She is in love with words, particularly poetry and likes to think deep about the human condition. An enthusiast for the preservation of traditional languages and the reformation of cultures. Literally learning new things every day, teaching is her passion and her mission. MYM is a platform that allows her to first learn from others' perspectives, and then to use her insight and experiences to benefit others.


  1. SubhanAllah. This poem is a great analogy to the issue of division in our communities. I love the concluding stanza, especially the line:

    “…let’s forge the type of rain and stand under ONE umbrella anyway…”

    That’s powerful. Wait too long, and you’ll get wet. Sometimes, we just need to stand under one umbrella for there is a far greater rain coming. MashaAllah you are a great poet, Shahin!

  2. Masha’Allah i Love it shahin! It is so inspirational! You’re amazing Masha’Allah! keep it up!

  3. I wouldn’t say much more than “SubhanAllah” . We need such poets for ourselves, to nudge us, to nudge this Ummah, to be some rain while we are burning in the fire of conspiracies.

  4. Oh wow. ma sha Allah. I love the rhythm and how all the lines perfectly blend with each other. Awesome!

  5. Ma-sha-Allah! jazakallahu khairun for trying to rouse us up under the one umbrella. May Allah SWT increase your blessings, ameen.

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