What Makes Me Happy?

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This piece is part of the 2017 MYM Ramadan Writing Contest Collection.

I love my Quran
It helps me grow my eman
I have already made a start
By learning 9 surahs by heart
I open it every day
To lead me to the right way
It is a special book
That we must all look to
For help and happiness.

Top 10 Contestant for the 2017 Muslim Youth Musings Ramadan Writing Contest!


  1. Muhammad Zirgham Reply

    Mashallah. Well done tayyib. An amazing poem written by a 4 year old!!

  2. How beautiful x Mashallah Tayyib, I enjoyed reading that… I hope you continue to write more !

  3. Mashallah a lovely poem Very well written, from the heart. Definitely a winning entry!

  4. Incredible poem from the youngest out of the entrants. Very well written, well done Tayyib!

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