When They Come

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There’s a place I go to meet my Lord,
a place I go to leave this world,
a place where I’ve spent many a night
in search of comfort, in search of light.

I remember the day I, to my Lord, said,
In the book You sent, the book I read,
it says that once I arrive at Your door,
You will take me in and Your love will pour.
The world is heartless, this pain is cold,
but it said You heal in the stories it told.

The demons, they’ve started to come around,
they eat at my joy, they kick me to the ground,
they tear my heart out; tears may flow.
The world is painful, my heart is cold.

First we tended my wounds, then I learned to pray,
then He granted me strength to cast them away.
So my Master invited me to stay near Him,
to come any time I might see them again.

I remember faces, I remember names.
I remember when I saw him and everything changed.
There’s a place I go to meet my Lord,
I asked Him if this was what He had in store.

There’s no power I possess; he is not mine
to hold or laugh with or pass the time.

The world is strange, and fate is odd,
the hearts of man in the hands of God.

This is my burden—is it too heavy for you?
It is only the beginning; if only he knew.
I carried it every day, and cast it over the mountain
as I prayed that I be able to smile again.

The days are gone when I’d wish myself dead.
I remember the day I, to my Lord, said,
In good faith keep Your trust, and I know this will hurt,
But grant me a companion with whom to walk the earth.

We will know pain and we will know struggle,
We will share worry and we will brave troubles.
I promise to bear any amount of pain
if You give me the strength to love again.

Bare my soul and bear the toll,
The world is changing, this pain is old.

Another chance fleeting, another final greeting,
another moment’s notice of another man’s leaving.
I am faintly distraught; I am not destroyed.
These are the final words I shall dare to deploy:

Stay if you may; I will stand by you.
This heart is ready; it is young and new.

Go if you must; do what must be done.
I will fight the demons when they come.

The world is vast; it has yet to unfold.
My God is with me; my heart is bold.

Sabera was born in New Jersey and raised in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. She graduated from George Mason University with a degree in Creative Writing minoring in Management. Her love for writing budded before she was a decade young by an appreciation for rhythm and rhyme, and developed as she got older. She now dabbles in all types of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. Besides writing, most of her free time is either spent in thought, engaged in some kind of physical activity, or trying her hand at a new craft. Since being introduced to Muslim Youth Musings, she has hoped to contribute what she can to it.

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