Wordless Love

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My hands raised before Allah,
I search for what to say,
To tell the story in my heart,
To express my love.
But I can’t put it together.
Words fail me.

My love is wordless and soundless,
It is a rare love,
Wordless love.
I open the Quran,
Allah calls out to me.
I stand up to pray,
my heart calls out to Allah.
It’s a two-way connection.

This love is not declared from my lips,
Or the movement of my limbs.
This love is light.
Burning brightly in the innermost reaches of my soul.

I know the mercy of Allah is ready to envelop me
even before I raise my hands to ask.
And when I can, I ask away.
Using my body and my voice.
I stretch my hands out, I beg, I cry.
That is the love from my body,
distilled into the form of tears.
Sometimes I whisper in seclusion,
sometimes I speak aloud.

But every time I can’t,
there is this wordless love.
The feeling of my heart expanding,
Caught in a moment of pure submission.
This is the moment I live for.
This is the true form of my love.

Iqra Khan is a dentist by profession and a writer by passion. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Oral Biology at Texas A&M College of Dentistry while she works on her second young adult novel. Her first young adult novel, Hackschool Project, a tribute to the adventures and challenges of student life, was published in March 2021 with Daastan. Based out of Dallas, Texas, she spends her creative time writing about her experiences for MYM, blogging as an author, writing serialized teen fiction for magazines and working on writing Muslim speculative fiction. She enjoys drawing, painting, reading and playing videogames in her spare time.

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