Wordless Love

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My hands raised before Allah,
I search for what to say,
To tell the story in my heart,
To express my love.
But I can’t put it together.
Words fail me.

My love is wordless and soundless,
It is a rare love,
Wordless love.
I open the Quran,
Allah calls out to me.
I stand up to pray,
my heart calls out to Allah.
It’s a two-way connection.

This love is not declared from my lips,
Or the movement of my limbs.
This love is light.
Burning brightly in the innermost reaches of my soul.

I know the mercy of Allah is ready to envelop me
even before I raise my hands to ask.
And when I can, I ask away.
Using my body and my voice.
I stretch my hands out, I beg, I cry.
That is the love from my body,
distilled into the form of tears.
Sometimes I whisper in seclusion,
sometimes I speak aloud.

But every time I can’t,
there is this wordless love.
The feeling of my heart expanding,
Caught in a moment of pure submission.
This is the moment I live for.
This is the true form of my love.

Based out of Austin, TX, Iqra Asad is not sure whether she is a dentist who writes or a writer who dentists, but she gained enough XP (experience points) during random encounters in the dungeon of despair to max out her "sarcasm" ability. She dedicated book two of her (unwritten) memoirs to exploring "the belly of the whale" and trying to tickle that hefty mammal from the inside with her "scorn" limit break. She connects her writing ability to the Divine through her personal motto, "I have given you my spindle, it is up to you to choose the wool for it." Whether or not she ends up weaving anything useful, only time will tell. Muslim Youth Musings is one of the first online publications she fell in love with as a reader of Muslim fiction and seeker of non-preachy Islamic advice, and having the honor to write for it is the stuff of her dreams.

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