What if I’m just not a born writer?
What if my writing will never be read?
What if I’m just a bad writer and I don’t even know it?

“We’re all writers.
Let me show you how.”

A 3-Part Webinar Series on Being A Writer

From Muslim Youth Musings writer and literary editor Jawaad Ahmad Khan comes a 3-part webinar series for aspiring and experienced Muslim writers. After working with writers and developing his own skill over 10 years, Jawaad brings a new series on the fundamentals of being (and becoming) a writer. We all have things inside of us we wish we could beautifully express to others. We want our writing to be good, to affect people, to make a difference. In this 3-part series, we’ll demystify the process and kickstart you on the path toward living the life of a consistent and constantly-improving writer.

Webinar Schedule & Agenda

Webinar #1 (March 23) – “You’re a writer, here’s what to write about.”

Saturday, March 23, 2019 10:00am – 11:00am New York Time (EST):

  • How do I decide what to write on?
  • How do I know if what I choose to write about is original and good?
  • Can I ever feel comfortable calling myself a writer?
Webinar #2 (March 30) – “But how do you actually write? From idea to final draft.”

Saturday, March 30, 2019 10:00am – 11:00am New York Time (EST):

  • What is the writing process (that will actually work for me)?
  • How do professionals churn out new writings all the time?
  • What habits can I build to be a consistent writer?
Webinar #3 (April 6) – “How do I make it better? How to +1 or +100 your pieces.”

Saturday, April 6, 2019 10:00am – 11:00am New York Time (EST):

  • How do I turn a first draft into its best possible version?
  • What is the editing process (that will actually work for me)?
  • How do I make my writing something that actually touches other people?

How much will it cost for these 3 classes?

Only $9 USD. That’s $3 a class.

You heard that right. At Muslim Youth Musings, we’re here to build writers. We charge only a nominal fee so that we know you’re serious, committed, and eager to learn.

Ready? Sign up to reserve your spot! Only 30 seats will be accepted for the first class!

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About Jawaad Ahmad Khan

Jawaad Ahmad Khan has been a writer, performer, and filmmaker for over 10 years. He’d studied Motion Pictures and Marketing at the University of Miami, and later studied Arabic and Islamic Studies at institutes in Dallas, TX. He’s been with Muslim Youth Musings almost from its beginnings a decade ago and uses it as a platform to explore and experiment with creative expression in all genres. Beyond this, as a literary editor, he works with young Muslim writers and hopes to continually spark more young Muslims to enter the creative arts and have spaces to express themselves. Jawaad lives in sunny South Florida with his newlywed wife doing too-many-jobs as a non-profit program coordinator, freelance marketer, confidence coach, and more.

Jawaad is a thoughtful and insightful editor. He does his best to help you not only improve the piece you are working on together, but improve yourself as a writer. He asks questions that prompt you to think inwardly and reflect. Jawaad is a wonderful teacher and coach, and his webinar will be undoubtedly beneficial to anyone who attends!

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