You Will Be With Those You Love

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Illustration by Iman Ibrahim

My beloved one once sighed and said, “I miss my brothers and my sisters”
His companions asked, “Are we not your brothers O Messenger of Allah?”
My beloved one responded by saying: “You are my companions, 
and my brothers and sisters are those who have faith in me 
although they never saw me”

I have received your message, O beautiful Prophet
So your little sister would like to send you one, too
I never got the chance to meet you, but I did not need to 
I heard a caller calling to faith and it was you
Muhammad the Messenger of Allah
So Allah made me a witness to the truth

I recall the story of when you embraced the tree because of its tears
The time you made a young boy smile when he lost his bird
And the camel you comforted when its burden was too much to bear
You raised Bilal to his position at the top of the Kaaba 
and established him as the mu’adhin of Jannah
A mercy to the worlds, and the Seal of the Prophets

I glance at the moon and try to imagine you
and then I look again, captivated by its beauty
By Allah, I have found that you are more radiant than the full moon
From the day the whole earth smiled at your birth
to the day the whole earth weeped at your departure

You have returned to the companionship of The Most High
My greatest joy will be when I approach your Fountain
Until I am able to join you, and drink from your blessed hand
Save your brightest smile for me,
And I will save my brightest smile for you

Iman Ibrahim is a UI/UX Designer and illustrator from Atlanta, Georgia. Iman is passionate about designing for the greater good and hopes to inspire muslim youth through her work. She is a lover of books and an enthusiastic learner of islamic knowledge. Iman enjoys writing reflections, and poetry which are inspired by her faith journey. Iman hopes to one day write and illustrate islamic children’s books.

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